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Children's Museum of Carolina - Puerto Rico

Museum Exhibit
Scale: HO
Size: 10' x 60'
Controls: Oak Tree Custom Control System

The new Musee del Ninos in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

CMR built this six hundred square foot model train layout for the new Children's Museum of Carolina, Puerto Rico. The exhibit showcases important landmarks and places in Carolina stretching from the beaches to the villages, baseball stadiums, airports, and the mountainous jungle interior.

A train stops at a commuter station near the airport.

We begin this page with a few photos of the project. Below this are lots of pictures in chronological order showing construction, transportation, and installation in the museum. This way you can see the process and get a better understanding of what is involved in a project like this.

In the museum, a train runs past the museum model (building with the oval skylight). The airport and beaches are in the background.

The project was installed in December 2011.

You can click on many of the images for a larger view, use your browsers back button to return.

Downtown Carolina with its historic buildings and plaza.

Another view of downtown Carolina.

"Estadio Roberto Clemente" is where the "Gigantes de Carolina" play ball.

Front of the stadium.

Field view the stadium.

The mountain town of Barrazas.

Beachfront condos on Isla Verde.

View of the exhibit from above.

Building the Exhibit... construction photos in chronological order.


Plan for the project.

These are the base cabinets for the layout. Note that they are not square but are wedges as the layout is crescent shaped. There are fifteen total of which only five are shown, more can be seen in the back. These will be framed in with laminated panels later. Next, we will begin building the layout sections that sit on top of the cabinets.

Here you can see the bench work under construction sitting on top of the base cabinets. Note the holes for running wire later.

Another view of the bench work under construction.

This is a view of the left end of the layout showing the base cabinets and bench work completed. The lowest area will be ocean, the airport will be located where you see the airplane taking off.

This is the center section of the layout, the benchwork is completed and ready to lay track and build up the scenery. The town of Carolina will be located in the center of this section.

This is the right end of the layout, the track will loop around the Roberto Clemente baseball stadium before heading to the mountainous region of Barrazas.

Detail of the bench work showing elevated track and the low areas including the canal.

Carolina Town Square.

Barrazas Municipal Center.

Beach Condo. While on a walk along the beach at Isla Verde, we photographed this building. It stood out from the rest of the beach condos and hotels due to it's unique shape which presented quite a modeling challenge. This was our first beach condo, we were just warming up and getting our toes wet.

Center section with the town sqaure.

Left end with the airport and the beach.

Right end with the mountains.

Town square with the high school baseball stadium in the background.

High school baseball stadium.

Styrofoam scenery is glued up and ready to cover in plaster.

Scenery and buildings are starting to take shape.

The Carolina town center being laid out and built up.

Working the styrofoam scenery with a sureform.

Carolina is a busy town with construction sites and lots of new building.

Roberto Clemente Baseball Stadium.

Here we see the scenery mostly completed and the structures in place. All it needs is people, cars and details.

This futuristic train station and bus stop are what the future could look like in Carolina.

Lots of LED's make the airport glow at night.

"Estadio Roberto Clemente" is where the "Gigantes de Carolina" play ball. We will add the players when we install the layout. There are over two thousand figures in the stands!

Looking over the stadium across the high-way and towards the mountainous region and "Barrazas".

Backdrop panels crated and ready to ship.

This is the back of the control system cabinet while being worked on. All those wires will be tied up neatly when we do the final installation.

Here is the front of the control system cabinet. Trains start and stop at the stations, lights are turned on and off, crossing gates are activated, planes and helicopters and other animated scenes are all operated automatically.

This is the center of town in Carolina which was once called "El Pueblo de los Tumba Brazos" (arm hackers) because in the old days it is said that people resolved their disputes with a duel. I can see why they changed the name!

Looking across the town square towards City Hall.

The yellow building complex beyond the fountain is the "Escuela Julio Vizcarrondo-Carolina", a school for gifted and talented kids specializing the arts.

Looking up Calle Mannuel Fernandez Juncos towards the town center.

In the foreground is the "Plaza de la Musica" a concert venue. Behind is a high school and public sports complex, including a baseball stadium, gymnasium, pool and track and field complex.

"Isla Verde" is your typical, but very lovely, strip of beach. It has a large public beach as well as highrises and club resorts. Behind it is the lagoon with the yacht club.

The airport is a busy place with lots of activity and lights. Planes taxi in and out of the gates, runway approach lights blink in sequence and a helicopter prepares to lift off.

OK... we added the headlights in "Photoshop" on this one. But wouldn't it be cool if we did that with little LEDs! If only we had more time...

Crated and ready to go!

In Puerto Rico unloading the crates with a "skytrack". You can't see the 95% humidity and beating heat from the sun but we did!

The crates are in the building! What a relief. And the AC works.

Setting up the exhibit in the museum.

The layout is installed and ready for the buildings and details.

The layout is installed and ready to run.

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