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Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum HO layout
cmr train B&O
CMR designed and built a new model railroad for the B&O Railroad Museum.
Museum Dioramas
cmr train HO Scale
CMR builds small museum dioramas and exhibits. This gallery contains several examples of what we can build for you.
Architectural Sales Model
cmr train HO Scale
CMR built this architectural sales model of a new building located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
HO Scale Sodor layout
cmr train HO Scale
The Island of Sodor in HO scale.
Southern Serves the South in HO Scale
cmr train HO Scale
CMR built this 8' x 12' HO scale Southern Railway with a 3' x 12' staging yard.
Custom Structures
cmr train cmr
Custom built structures including stations, industrial structures and ships. Some models are built to be exact replicas while others are a condensed representation of the original.
P&LE Beaver Bridge in HO Scale.
cmr train HO Scale
Beaver Bridge. The bridge is 80" long.
Nuclear Power Plant Model
cmr train Nuclear Power Plant
CMR built this demonstration model of a Nuclear Power Plant in HO scale.
HO Scale Suspension Bridge
cmr train Suspension Bridge
HO Scale Suspension Bridge featured in the February 2014 issue of Model Railroader Magazine.
Aiken Railroad Depot Museum
cmr train Aiken RR
Aiken Railroad Depot Museum dioramas representing scenes along the Southern Railway in 1916.
Assorted Bridge Projects
cmr train Bridges
Various bridge models built by CMR.
Flint Hills Discovery Center
cmr train Flint Hills
CMR built an exhibit for the Flint Hills Discovery Center representing the AT&SF passing through a small town in Kansas in the 1880's.
Children's Museum of Carolina Puerto Rico
cmr train Cariolina
CMR built this HO Scale 10'x 60' exhibit for a museum in Carolina Puerto Rico. It features scenes and landmarks including an amazing baseball stadium.
East Coast Corridor Phase I in HO Scale
cmr train East Coast Corridor 1
Designed for long trains and lots of action this layout features a four track main line with large yards and lots of industries.
East Coast Corridor Phase II in HO Scale
cmr train East Coast Corridor 1
The second phase of this amazing layout makes it even bigger with more operations.
N&W in N Scale
cmr train N&W N Scale
Large N&W Layout in N scale.
Space Telescope
cmr train Space Telescope
Highly detailed and accurate model of the James Webb Space Telescope.
N Scale Japanese Layout
cmr train Japanese Layout
Highly detailed and accurate model of the James Webb Space Telescope.
HO Scale Western Maryland Railroad Layout
cmr train Western Maryland
Trains carry coal from the mountains of West Virginia to Port Covington on this spectacular layout depicting the Western Maryland Railroad.
N&W O Scale Layout
cmr train N&W O Scale
Designed for long trains and lots of action, this layout features loads of details and realistic scenery.
Tidewater Virginia in HO Scale
cmr train N&W O Scale
This HO scale model was partially built by CMR and finished by the client. This allows the client to do what he enjoys while we do the rest.
HO Scale Bedroom Layout
cmr train Bedroom Layout
HO Scale layout that fits in a spare bedroom.
HO Scale City Layout
cmr train City Layout
HO Scale City Layout.
HO Scale Layouts in Small Spaces
cmr train Small Spaces
HO Scale layouts in small spaces.
HO Scale Futuristic Layout
cmr train Small Spaces
Baltimore in the future where historic buildings still stand tall, but new ones have sprung up as well.
HO Scale Model of Union Station in Denver, CO.
cmr train Small Spaces
This impressive structure features a fully detailed interior, including window blinds, terrazzo flooring, benches, ticket windows, and over 150 miniature lights.
G Scale holiday layout from The Polar Express
cmr train Small Spaces
This seasonal layout is based upon the children's classic book, The Polar Express. It features four scenes taken from the book depicting a boy's train journey to the North Pole.
O Scale NYC Skyscrapers & Bridges
cmr train cmr train
CMR is building a series of O scale NYC skyscrapers and bridges for a customer to incorporate on his train layout.
cmr train