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Reactor construction.

This tricky building is made with laser cut parts, cast parts, styrene shaped parts, and injection molded detail parts.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Walls are held in place with dowels.

A dome is added to the top,

Detail parts are added,

Piping and valves on the roof,

Finished model ready to install.

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Nuclear Power Plant Demonstration Model

Industrial Model
Size: 60"L x 20"D x 36"H
Custom Controls by Oaktree Systems

CMR built this portable model of a nuclear power plant facility for the purpose of demonstrating various security scenarios. LEDs in the model are illuminated to highlight areas of discussion and to help illustrate potential problem areas.

Overview of the diorama.

Every building on the diorama with the exception of the transformer station was built from the ground up by the staff at CMR. The cooling tower was turned from a block of high density foam on a lathe and attached to its base. The reactor building was particulary challenging to model with its curved front and dome. Construction photos at left show it in various stages of completion.

The reactor building with its containment dome.

Security gate with a vehicle inspection area.

Over five hundred LEDs, built into the buildings and along the pathways, light up in various colors to help illustrate scenarios that the diorama can demonstrate. LEDs are controlled by circuit boards and custom software located under the diorama.

Double perimeter fences secure the site.

The cooling tower at over 36" in height was still selectively compressed to fit.

Overview of the diorama with the reactor and cooling water buildings in the front.

Overview of the diorama with administrative and control center buildings in the front.

Overview of the diorama with the turbine building and transformer station in the front.

The diorama breaks down into several pieces for transportation.

View of the electronics located under the diorama. Each LED is individually controlled.

One of the sections packed in a custom-built shipping case.

All packed and ready to ship.

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