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HO Lift Bridge - Double Track

Price: $326.00

Single Track
HO Scale stationary kit features laser cut acrylic parts, tab and slot construction and detailed instructions.
Scale: HO Scale: HO
Size: 4"W x 28.75"L x 13.5"H
plus two 9" approach bridges

A vertical lift bridge has a span which rises vertically while remaining parallel with the track. The counterweights on a vertical lift bridge only have to be equal to the weight of the bridge, whereas on a bascule bridge counterweights must weigh several times more than the span being lifted. Therefore heavier materials can be used on the deck of the lift bridge which makes it especially well suited for heavy railroad use.

Our bridge is based upon typical lift bridges found in the United States spanning the Mississippi and other major rivers. These were built from the early 1900s on. It has a 115 long lift span and towers that rise 75 feet. The entire bridge is raised on concrete piers and has rather unique footings. In addition to the lift bridge the kit includes two 65 long girder bridges which may be used as approaches to the main bridge. This is a non operating model. However with a little ingenuity and creativity it could be made to operate.

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