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HO Six-Stall Roundhouse

Price: $273.00

Scale: HO
Size: 6 stalls, 90' to 135' deep

Our Roundhouse kit is designed with flexibility in mind. The kit includes six stalls spaced on 10 degree increments. It can be built with fewer stalls if needed, or you can also combine kits to create a roundhouse with more stalls. It can be built to four different lengths depending upon how long you need it to be. Lengths are 90', 105', 120' and 135'. You can build some stalls longer than others.

Details includes concrete floor with inspection pits, interior columns, two rear doors and more.

The Roundhouse will work with any CMR Turntable as well as most other commercially available turntables and can be built to accommodate locomotives as large as UP Big Boys.

The kit features laser cut acrylic parts.

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