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HO The Park Hotel

Price: $409.00

Scale: HO
Size: 10.25"W x 8.625"D x 37.25"H

Kit features laser cut acrylic parts, tab and slot construction, printed window shades and sidewalks. Want to make it taller? Use one or several Add On kits.

This is our tallest and grandest kit to date. A very impressive building with wonderful architectural elements, very imposing height and a relatively tight foot print. A must have for the urban modeler. Despite its size it is as easy to build as any of our other city structures.

Make your model even more impressive by adding the detail kit. This includes balconies, the statuary, urns and signs (they glow in the dark) as seen in the images below. Lighting is not included.

Download the HO scale instructions for the Park Hotel.

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