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HO Towboat

Price: $111.00

Scale: HO
Size: 4"W x 8.5"L

HO Scale kit features laser cut acrylic parts with metal and resin detail parts.

Historical Notes: Early in American history barges were lashed together and referred to as a "Tow". It naturally followed that the boat used to move the Tow was referred to as Towboat despite the fact that it pushed them. The typical shallow water Towboat is built with a flat bottom, shallow draft hull (6.5 to 9 ft). The hull is heavily reinforced to withstand the Towboat's constant bumping and scraping on the river bottom. Because the draft is so shallow, some captains claim they can navigate their boats in a "heavy dew."

The kit features a mid-sized intercostal and river towboat typical of those built in the late 1970's. These are found pushing one to fifteen barges filled with everything from trash, coal, grain and fuel products. The model includes all the parts needed to complete the kit including cast metal detail parts. Instructions include detailed photos and diagrams for ease of construction. Glue and paint not included.

HO Scale kit features laser cut acrylic parts with metal detail parts.

The kit is of an inter-coastal or river barge. It can be built either as a Deck Barge or as a Dry Cargo Barge. It can be constructed to a scale 90 feet in length or 110 feet in length. Several detail options included may be added to customize the model. A unique feature in our kit is the pre-formed covers that are included with the kit so that they may be modeled open or covered.

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