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N scale trackplan for the project.

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N&W N Scale

Scale: N
Size: 18' x 20'
Controls: DCC

This ambitious N scale layout will feature lots of operations. Long trains, coal mines and passenger service.

N scale track plan for the project.

Construction Photos

These photos are in chronological order with the most recent photos at the top and show the layout as it is being built.

The peninsula is almost done.

The power plant will create a destination for coal.

The station at Bluefield.

Engine facility at Bluefiled. Note the smoke abatement hood unique to the N&W.

The peninsula is taking shape.

The coal bunker at Bluefield. A little paint and some details and it will be done.

The coal bunker from the other side.

The station. The roof is in the 3D printer and will be added soon.

The General Office Building in Roanoke.

View of the station with the Roanoke Hotel in the background.

View of Christianburg.

Coaling at Shaffers Crossing.

View of Christianburg.

The scenery is starting to take shape and gets a fresh coat of flocking.

The scenery is starting to take shape and gets a fresh coat of flocking

It looks like the Grand Canyon but once the rocks are painted, the grass is flocked and the trees and shrubs are in it will look a lot different.

Work is under way on the river scene.

Roads are painted and ready.

View of the mountains with the foam scenery in place. A couple mines will go here as well as the company houses.

View of Christiansburg. Note the Cambria Depot under construction.

View of Shaffers Crossing.

View of Roanoke with the foam scenry in place. Next this will get plaster and details.

Foam mountains are being created.

A small mine in the mountains under construction.

The backdrops being framed.

The station and hotel at Roanoke.

A few more engine facility structures and we will lay track and install the turntable.

The coaling tower at Shaffers Crossing under construction.

And this will be a mountain with mines and a hidden return loop.

Wiring is under way, the layout is tipped up on end to make it easier for the CMR staff.

Someday this will be Roanoke.

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