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As featrued in the 2014 issue of Great Model Railroads.

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Aiken South Carolina Railroad Museum Project

Scale: HO
Size: 40' x 80'
Controls: Oak Tree Systems custom controller

CMR built a series of model railroad dioramas for a new museum in Aiken, South Carolina. Each diorama is roughly twenty square feet in size and represents scenes along the Southern Railway in 1916. There are nine dioramas in all. They are shown here in order starting with Charleston and ending at Hamburg, located on the Georgia border. CMR worked closely with the museum historians to create an accurate scale representaiton of what the sites looked like; every structure was built from the ground up and the entire project took over two years to build.


Charleston's Southern Railway Station was the beginning of the line to Aiken.

The Tennant House, in Charleston, was typical of large homes in the station area and still stands today.

Panorama view of the diorama.


Overview of Summerville, South Carolina.

View of the park located in the center of town with the station in the background.

The station was painted in the original Southern Railway colors.

The post office and town shops.

St. George

St. George was a small station and town along the line. The structure is a classic "Chalet Style" typical of the Southern Railway's early stations.

Cotton is loaded at the station.


Branchville was the first railroad junction in the country. The layout of the track resulted in this unique shaped station which still stands today.

Branchville had many fine homes and hotels.

This is a typical section house built by the Southern Railway for their employees.

Panorama view of the diorama.


Overview of Denmark and the Denmark Hotel.


Blackville station was located on a railroad intersection and served both lines. Many of of the homes and the station are still standing.

Panorama view of the diorama.

Aiken East

View of the freight depot. Note the cart of cotton in the foreground being weighed on the scale.

Panorama view of the diorama.

Weighing cotton.

Aiken West

The station at Aiken.

The station at Aiken.

Panorama view of the diorama.


Hamburg station.

Brickworks are a major customer along the line.

Hamburg, end of the line

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