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As featured on Rod Stewart's amazing Three Rivers City train layout in the February 2014 issue of Model Railroader Magazine.

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HO Scale Suspension Bridge

Queensboro Bridge
Scale: HO
Size:Over 10' long.

CMR built this amazing suspension bridge based on the Queensboro Bridge in New York. It features approach bridges, a five foot long suspension bridge and a three foot long truss bridge. There are over ten thousand parts drawn, cut, assembled and painted by the CMR staff. The bridge is crowned by yellow LEDs and the towers have blinking red LEDs. Light poles along the sidewalks were added later. Finished photos of the model in our shop are at the top with production photos below. To see the bridge installed on Rod Stewart's Three Rivers City model train layout pick up the February 2014 issue of Model Railroader Magazine.

You can click on images to see a larger view.

The finished bridge ready to install on the clients layout.

Note the stone piers with decorative towers that support the bridge.

The bridge features steel straps rather than cables, each one is five separate pieces with rods spacing them apart. The bridge supports and truss construction is boxed with wires running up inside them to the LEDs along the top.

Download a large version of the composite photos here Large Version

The bridge gets very complicated in places with lots of angles and parts. Final paintng and weathering is done by hand and with an airbrush.

This pier features a skewed arch to allow for an angled track to run thru it.

View inside the bridge.

Pier and tower detail.

Lights (LEDs) run along the top of the bridge.

The bridge prior to painting.

Wiring on the underside of the bridge.

The bridge is finished in our shop and awaiting delivery.

Looking down into the bridge from above (what you would see if you were a seagull).

Bridge approach.

Note the lights running along the top of the bridge.

Detail of the skewed center pier that will have a track running through it.

This is the center cross bracing for one of the main bridge towers.

The bridge tower starts to take shape. It is constructed of acrylic and styrene pieces.

One of the main bridge towers. It will still get some decorative elements added to it. The tower has more than 65 pieces alone.

This is a study model to figure out how we are going to build the suspension part of the bridge. Many parts will be revised and a cleaner version will be built before proceeding with the final model.

Another view of the study model. Yes that is a lot of parts!

Most of the model has been worked out and we are working on the walkway.

Another view of the model under construction

This is an approach bridge. It measures 28" long and is in the same construction style as the suspension bridge. There are over 550 parts to this bridge alone! Note the very nice bridge pier as well.

Socket wiring for street lights. The brass rods run the length of the bridge.

Ramp and approach bridge with piers dodging tracks and streets below.

This is the far end of the bridge. The towers still get a top on them and a lot more detail. There will be two towers on either side of the column. Access to the pedestrian walkway is via the towers. Towers will be located at other locations as well.

There will be a tunnel portal at the bottom of the ramp, it will have an arch like the columns and a tower on either side of it.

Lights! Eighty two LEDs light up the top of the bridge.

Each one is wired down thru the bridge with tiney 24 gauge wire and a resisitor.

THe bridge is finally painted and weathered. Just a little rust and some chalking of the paint.

Weathering detail shot.

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