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Track plan.

The coal train rumbles through a small town in the mountains.

Suburban houses dot the landscape as it transitions from urban to rural.

Keeping up with the "Jones".

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East Coast Corridor

East Coast Corridor - Phase I
Scale: HO
Size: 29'x30'
Controls: DCC with Automatic Signaling

Designed for long trains and lots of action this layout features a four track main line with large yards and lots of industries.

Looking towards the main city.

Trains are operated by Digital Command Control and a signaling system designed and built by Oak Tree Systems. The system detects trains using current sensing technology, and then sets the signals to their appropriate colors.

The shipyard is a busy place loading and unloading containers. The ship is custom built by CMR and measures over three feet long.

A train full of coal leaves the mountains for the city.

Forest trees created by Forest in a Flash dominate the countryside where coal mines and small towns nestle in the valleys.

Backdrops were custom painted to blend in with the scenery.

cmr train