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HO scale trackplan for the project.

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Southern Serves the South in HO scale.

Southern Railway HO scale layout
Scale: HO
Size: 8' x 12' with staging.
Controls: DCC

This compact HO scale layout features the Southern Railway with passenger and freight operations. The layout is installed in a study with staging running down a hall way. Access to the layout is via a swing door.

The layout is accessed via a long hallway.

Entry to the main layout is thru a swing door. Track power is cut when open.

Staging and a station run along the hallway, entering into the train room.

The compact layout wraps around the room with very little straight track.

The engine facility has all the key componants required for maintenance.

The cement plant is a major customer of the railroad and a focal point of the layout.

Hoppers are loaded at the cement plant.

Small line side industries create challenging operations.

Locomotives take on coal and water at the engine facility.

An ergonomic fascia and clean graphics are a CMR standard.

The engine facility is compact but holds all the key elements required for maintenance.

Passenger service on the layout.

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