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Overview of the harbor with Mount Fuji in the background and the Tokyo International Forum building.
Godzilla attacks Tokyo.
Overview of the entire layout.
The trains travel through the countryside past rice paddies.
Downtown Tokyo shopping district.
Inside the main station.
Tokyo has many levels of activity with elevated tracks and highways.

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Japanese N Scale Layout

Scale: N
Size: 20'x20'
Controls: DCC

CMR designed and built this model railroad based on a Japanese theme and featuring a highly detailed Tokyo scene. Trains run from the city to the suburbs and then thru the country side and finally to the mountainous seaside.

Ginza shopping district is a busy place with commuter trains and high speed Shinkansen trains running on the elevated track.

At night Ginza lights up with hundreds of lights and animated signs.

A Shinkansen speeds by on the elevated tracks.

Night time street scene in Tokyo.

The port is a busy place loading and unloading ships with containers.

Suburban towns surround Tokyo and provide lots of commuter traffic.

The train stops in a rural village.

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