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HO Stone Railroad Viaduct

Price: $104.00

Scale: HO
Size: 4"W x 20"L x 4.5"H

HO Scale kit features laser cut acrylic parts with engraved stone pattern.

Historical Notes: Our prototype was a stone viaduct built in the 1820's to serve the railroads during the beginning of the railroad transportation age in America. The viaduct was completed in 1829 and still stands in service today. The original viaduct consists of one main arch span with stone work on either side of it. On one side an additional small arch was constructed to accommodate a cart path. The basic kit contains all the elements needed to build the original viaduct.

Specifications: This kit contains four basic elements: two End Piers, three Mid Piers, one Main Arch and one Small Arch Pier. You can assemble these in any order you like, as they are completely modular with the exception of the end piers. If you wish to build the viaduct as a longer structure, you may combine kits or purchase our add-on kit which contains an extra Main Arch and Mid Pier. You may add as many as you need.

The stone viaduct built with two main arches using an add on kit.

The stone viaduct assembles in modules allowing multiple configurations to be built. The pilasters will be added to cover the seams.

Detailed instructions feature step by step assembly diagrams and photographs. The instructions also include sections on painting and finishing your model.

The Stone Railroad Viaduct can be built in many different configurations some of which are shown above. You can combine more kits for longer spans.

Dimensions for the various viaduct components are as follows: All piers are 4" wide and 4.5" high.
End Pier 2" Long
Mid Pier 1.75" Long
Small Arch Pier 2.75" Long
Main Arch 10" Long
The main arch has a 9" inside span which can accomodate two tracks below (yes...even with double stack container cars).

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